• Contributing to overcoming the isolation of Palestinian artists from the international cultural life.
• Encouraging young Palestinians who are interested in theatre to obtain a solid and professional education.

 • Significantly improving the professional opportunities for theatre performers (in particular actors and directors) in Palestine and in the neighboring Arab countries.

 • Broadening the understanding of cultural traditions in the countries of the cooperation partners by exchange of theatre performances.

• Reinforcing the professional quality and hence the public perception of theatre in the region.

 • Laying the foundation for the permanent establishment of a much-needed academy for theatre instruction and thus supporting the development of a joint Palestinian Academy of
Performing Arts at new premises. 

·  To provide prospective theatre artists with a professional and qualified education.

·  To improve the chances of the Palestinian people in the international theatre and culture scene

·  To promote and disseminate theatre arts in the Palestinian territories

· To give a sustainable contribution to Palestinian society