How to apply

How to apply for the Drama Academy

1. Filling out the application form (found in the bottom of the page) and sending it to the Drama Academy email contact: 

- The application form can also be filled in person at the Drama Academy located at Al- Kasaba Theatre, Hospital Street, Ramallah, phone number: 02-2965292/3.

2. Participating in the preparatory workshops organized by the Academy during August every year. (for free)

The Academy organizes workshops in all Palestinian districts and in the occupied 1948 Palestinian regions. (Registration should take place in the closest region). The workshops provide the opportunity for the applicant to meet with the committee of supervisors. These workshops give the applicants the opportunity to show their potential and ability that can lead him/her to the next stage: preparatory workshop for the entrance exam.

3. Participating in the preparatory workshop audition(fee: 100 shekels) 

A team of professional theatre artists will work with the applicants to make them familiar with the exam material. The duration of the workshop is five days. In this period of time practical training will be given to help the applicants show their potential and express their personalities and natural talent in front of the committee.

4. Participating in the exams (audition) in front of the committee:

 A committee of expert teachers from the Drama Academy and the Folkwang University will supervise the exam (audition) working directly with the selected applicants. The names of the applicants who will pass the exam will be announced on the last day.

Registration requirements:

- High school certificate.

- Talent and interest in the field of theatre.

- Age 17 – 30 years. 

To apply for the Drama Academy you can download this document, fill it out electronically, save it, and then send it by email to the address