Two well known directors Thomas Schute – Michels and Katharina Rupp held a workshop with students on “Woyzeck “ by the German Playwright Büchner.

The Academy has hosted two international directors Thomas Schute – Michels and Katharina Rupp from the 1st till the 7th of September 2013 to conduct a workshop with the Academy’s students . The subject of the workshop was the German playwright Büchner with focus on his famous play “Woyzeck “. The directors worked on selected scenes from the play and put it in a directing frame which gave space, freedom and spontaneity for the students during their work. The students performed their work at the end of the workshop and were, according to Thomas “ beyond his expectations”. Thomas asserted that the Academy’s students expressed team work, which made him want to work with them even more. While Katharina saw that the students have great energy and responsibility, together with great talent. It is the first time for Katharina to work with youth from the Middle East, she said that this was an experience full of stories, knowledge and fun.