Drama Academy participates in the Shakespear Festival 2013

The Drama Academy has recently participated in the Shakespeare Festival 2013 which takes place every year at the Folkwang  University of Arts in Essen- Germany. The Festival has hosted four schools this year: The Drama Academy – Ramallah, The Lucian Blaga University, Sibiu (Romania), and the Shanghai Theatre Academy (People's Republic of China) ,the Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Cracow (Poland). Students of the Drama department at the Folkwang University  have also participated in the Festival. The theme play for this year’s Festival was “Romeo and Juliet”. Each university presented  its own production, then, after a short rehearsal phase, they created  an international performance in which all language barriers were dropped, the theatre thus becoming truly international. 
After the end of the Festival, the Drama Academy’s students and the students of the Folkwang University came to Palestine. On 25th of April each performed their own production of “Romeo and Juliet” . Both presentations received wide acclaim from the audience.  And on the 27th of April German and Palestinian students performed, together, a joint production of ”Romeo and Juliet“.